Management Reporting

The SCS staff members are experts in dealing with large data files. Knowing what to look for and how to display results are key to any data analysis. We can present reports that are non-standard to the PBM industry.

Stephens Consulting Services has developed Script Probe® reporting- a set of unique reports generated out of our audit software tool. Although the report generator can produce any “ad-hoc” report desired, SCS has designed reports that offer the client insights to the Plan’s financial results, the PBM processing procedures, Plan Design effectiveness, Member Utilization and potential design changes to produce savings.

Our Script Probe® reports will help manage the pharmacy expense and answer questions your PBM has not covered:

  • Key Statistics Report - similar to the financial report you get from the PBM but also includes the MAC division for generics. The report also reveals AWP % discounts for all categories, not typically seen on PBM reporting. One page, total financial view.
  • Trend Summary Report - uses past two years of data to show trends in all categories of the Key Stat Report but as trend percentages of current month against the same month last year and also the year-to-date comparison to last year.
  • MAC Detail and Survey - provides financial results for roughly 40% of your drug utilization that is not detailed by the PBM.
  • Prior Authorization Report - shows the PBM actions on payments due to approvals made by the PBM.
  • Duplicate Therapy Report - this report details claim activity listed by Member where the PBM has allowed similar or exact drug coverage for a member with overlapping dates of service.
  • Potential Abuse Report - similar to Duplicate Therapy but detailed for abuse potential drug use.
  • Formulary Switch Report - PBMs typically share only a portion of rebate. All PBMs desire a copay differential and employ member and physician communication to push the drug utilization to their formulary. The report utilizes an input of the Previous Formulary to the Current Formulary List and examines movement (“switches”) in brand utilization. Results of the report are shown as the financial impacts of changing drugs on both Member Copay and Ingredient Cost, giving a clear picture of drug changes to the new formulary.
  • Member Compliance Report - reviews the data to detail the Member’s drug compliance on standard Maintenance Medications.
  • Specialty Drug Opportunity Report - if allowed an open selection of pharmacies on specialty drugs, this report shows the financial impact of Retail to Specialty Pharmacy selection.
  • Deductible Report - inspects the PBM’s processing concerning Member deductible collection versus the design limits.
  • Quantity Limits Report - this is part of our audit procedure. This report inspects the drugs that are limited to quantity and time until possible next fill.
  • Step Therapy Report - also part of our normal audit procedure. This report verifies the processing where the plan design requires one drug before another can be filled.
  • Proton Pump Report - with this category at the top of your expense per category, this report examines and defines savings with the use of OTC coverage.
  • Generic Statin Report - also at the top of your expense per category, this examines the use and defines the savings of movements to category generics.

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