Our Goal

Stephens Consulting Services offers comprehensive inspection, education and solutions for all your pharmacy benefit issues. Our knowledge, experience and diligence help develop plans of action to lower your pharmacy expense and insure you have the best possible pharmacy plan.

Our Goal is to Reduce Your Pharmacy Expense

Here’s How: Stephens Consulting Services will perform a complete and detailed review of all aspects of the results of your current pharmacy benefit or claims processor. With extensive knowledge of the Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM) business, we can determine the changes needed to assure you have the best PBM for your Company and the most cost effective and comprehensive plan design. Through use of our unique software system, we can audit your prescription data claim by claim to insure proper processing by the PBM. Sophisticated reporting will highlight areas that require better control. With a sophisticated data model, we can even predict your future drug spend, even with potential changes to the plan design.

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