PBM Selection RFP

Selection of the Right PBM cannot be done by a “Spreadsheet” Analysis

Often the PBM with the best rate, rebate and administration fee may have other hidden profit centers that will actually increase your drug spend. The search for the lowest cost provider for your plan also depends on the PBM processing procedures, formulary, MAC generic costs list and any of the other service agreements.

SCS uses an extensive and proprietary RFP process that reveals the true net cost differences between PBM applicants.

Tough Questions…

Because the SCS pharmacist staff has many years of managed care and PBM experience, we are able to create the RFP questions that insure correct business practices and highlight the differences among applicants. Through our experience in auditing the details of PBM processing, we know “where all the bones are buried” and our RFP service can build the foundation of the best PBM contract for your plan.
SCS has the experience on all sides of managed care. We have staff with the applied experience of PBM contract negotiation of a large pharmacy chain as a provider, client representation for insured arrangements and even experience as management of a PBM. With that as a background, SCS is uniquely qualified to help in your PBM selection process.
We have even developed a “no loop-holes” contract that will be presented to the finalists of the RFP process to sign prior to coming to the finalists meeting.

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